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About us

It is by pure passion that we raise this breed. We are a small family cattery. All our cats and kittens are living at home with us. Selecting carefully their parents, we pay attention to the good health of our cats and kittens, ensure that they are well-tempered and socializing. Our kittens are not for breeding, unless under a special agreement with another cattery. We love our cats and their babies and pay special attention to select carefully their future family/owners. All our kittens are tested for FIV / FLV, have certified pedigrees , have an id chip and are sold under a contract agreement.

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Our first stud joined our cattery on the 10th of September 2011. We are expecting a lot from Johnny Depp Alien Invasion who should breed nice kittens.

After 3 litters which showed the birth of nice kittens, we decided to retire Ankara de Tristan Val Joly; She is joining our other pets to benefit from a well deserve rest within our family.

Her 2 daughters : Fleur and Fedja are taking over from her, ensuring continuity for our cattery breed program.

The Oriental Shorthair and the Siamese are brothers, only the colors differ. We can mate them with each other. This intelligent cat is very affectionate, one can even say pot-de-colle ... It is very faithful, talkative, full of tenderness and purr as soon as you pet it. It has a very elegant, fine and muscular body. Without undercoats, it fears the cold. The choice of colors and patterns is so vast that we could not quote all of them.